Wedding Day


Details photos are very styled photographs of all the things you two spent so much time selecting and putting effort into! They are typically things such as all three rings, dress, shoes, any jewelry you’re wearing, any "in memory" items you're including, wedding invitation suite, perfume, vail, bouquet/florals (bonus points if your florist can provide extra loose florals!!!), and any details of the Groom you might want such as cuff links, tie, shoes, boutonnière, etc. 

Not necessarily all of these things- just suggestions to consider :) Depending on which package you've chosen and the flow of your day, you could do just a small portion of details if you do not necessarily want it all. For example, just your dress hanging somewhere with your shoes, or maybe you would love photos of all three of your rings on your bouquet flowers. Anything you think that is most important to you two, and your wedding day! No matter what you decide to include, please make sure you have everything you'd like photographed gathered in a bag or box in one place, all ready for me when I arrive! This ensures we start your day off on the right foot- quickly and efficiently and ready to go! Thank you!