Farewell Minis

Where: Hoover Dam Area

7445 Cubbage Rd. Westerville, OH 43081

When: Thursday May 25th, 2023

Cost: $250 total; $50 to book via Venmo, balance due the day of

What to expect:

I aim to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere! We will walk around a little bit, talk, and let your kiddos play! I want your family to interact- talk, hugs, tickles, and laughter! I will offer gentle posing and allow your family to play around within that and be yourselves! I am not providing props, but you’re welcome to bring a couple small things of your own if you’d like (a blanket, a little basket/bucket/stool for a kiddo, etc.) These are only 20 minutes long- short, sweet, and FUN!


The location is such a wonderful gem and one of my personal favorites! There are fielded areas and lots of trees! There are three parking lots on your right, please park in the very last one. I do not believe there are restrooms on site. We may be walking around when you arrive, so best if you spot my car first and wait for us there! I will be in a black Nissan Sentra. Please text me if there are any issues. I check my phone as best as I can, but know I may be with other clients and there may be a delay in my response!


Hopefully we get a gorgeous Spring day! But if the forecast is bad enough I will contact you each individually and reschedule with each of you. If the forecast is spotty- I will be there! It will be up to you if you want to keep your time slot or reschedule. I try to wait until about half a day ahead of time before making the call if possible. I do have the following Thursday, June 1st as a rain date in case.


Your $50 deposit holds your time slot and is non-refundable. The remaining $200 balance is due at the time of your session. I accept cash, check, Zelle (614-648-1994), or Venmo (@heyemilymetcalf). Checks are payable to Emily Metcalf. Please have payment ready when you arrive. Your images will be ready within about 4-6 weeks of your session. Thank you so much for your patience with me and my family during this season for us! Galleries will be sent via an online gallery right to your email! From there you will be able to download, print, share as you please!

Contact Info

My cell phone number; (614)648-1994. Feel free to text/ call if you run into any issues the day of!